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The Michigan Research Institute is a not for profit research organization whose mission is to identify new technologies residing in Universities, Federal Labs and private corporations that can be further developed to meet critical national needs. During this process we work to students to provide hands on educational experiences working with developing new technologies. MRI works to develop new technologies providing high tech jobs and opportunities for those from low income families. Working in conjunction with partners in Federal and State Governments, academia and the private sector, MRI manages technology development and demonstration projects which result in new products and industries. MRIís mandate also includes working with new technologies from sustainable raw materials.

National Impact

MRIís national relevance is evident from its diverse projects. In partnership with Diamond Automation of Michigan and the Food and Drug Administration, MRI is developing a process to protect the U.S. shell egg supply from salmonella and avian flu - we worh with educational institutions to provide opportunities for students to participate in leading edge technology development. Using microwave energy, it is now possible to economically pasteurize an egg and prevent food borne illness. The MRI project has resulted in the design of a fully automated production line capable of pasteurizing 24,000 eggs per hour which will be installed at various egg producers in the U.S. The system has been designed to allow non-technical operators to easily partipate in the operation of a cutting edge technology.

In another project, the Department of Transportation, NASA and Delphi are collaborating with MRI on a new commercial welding technique for joining tubular structures, allowing for increased strength and reduced weight for military vehicles. This technology will allow for the economical production of spaceframes which will replace conventional unibody designs. Improved fuel economy, roll over safety and crash worthiness will be the end result of this project which will be demonstrated on military vehicles.

The institute is also developing a new test for epithelial cell cancers with Dow Chemical Corporation, and working with Solidica and GraviKor on the design and manufacture of a new-generation of military and security vehicles which will employ embedded wireless sensors, lightweight spaceframes and advanced armor. In all projects we involve students in not only the technical development but also the business planning. We have worked closely with the University of Michigan to provide unique opportunities for MBA and BBA students.

The MRI Model

The Michigan Research Institute uses a collaborative development approach, involving experts in development, suppliers and users of technology. Utilizing support from various State and Federal Agencies, MRI acts as the project manager of each project overseeing the technical, accounting and audit aspects and is uniquely set up to comply with State and Federal regulations that are required for projects receiving public support. Also important is that each technology / product is field tested with commercial users, ensuring that market requirements are met.

In its 7 years of operations, MRI has managed projects with the USDA, NASA, Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services and the State of Michigan. Corporate partners include Delphi, Dow Chemical, Diamond Automation, Pasteurization Technologies, Gravikor, Spaceform, Monarch Antenna Systems, Innovative BioTherapies and Solidica.

Medical Advisory Services

The Michigan Research Institute in collaboration with numerous partners in the life sciences provides a full range of pre-clinical / clinical development capabilities and market analysis for therapeutic compounds and devices.
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